Range of services for your home

Síminn offers a range of services for the home, whether for mobile, home phones, Internet connections or television.

Contact us to find the option most suited to your needs or to obtain further information on services and prices.

Mobile Phone Services

Talk as much as you want with our subscription offers or go for the flexibility of our pre-paid services. Go with Siminn and you'll part of an excellent mobile network in Iceland

The Endalaus subscription includes unlimited talk to all Icelandic mobile and landline phones, unlimited text messages and a variety of data package options to use on our 4G LTE network.

The Frelsi pre-paid service gives you total control over your costs. Select from classic pre-paid services and add on the data package of your choice.

Internet Services

Speedy and safe connection

Síminn offers Ljósnet a connection with up to 100 MB/s download speed based on VDSL. Uploads and downloads take less time, and you can have other Internet-connected equipment safely connected at the same time. Contact us to find out whether Ljósnet has been installed in your neighbourhood

All of our internet subscriptions come with Netvarinn which is a dynamic tool to block inappropriate material on the Internet at home.

TV Services

Síminn Sjónvarp gives you access to excellent television programmes with the best possible image quality. With a basic subscription to Síminn Sjónvarp you have:

  • Open Icelandic channels plus 8 foreign open channels
  • Catch up with your favourite programmes when it suits you with Tímaflakk
  • VOD services, SíminnBíó, where you can rent films and television programmes
  • Karaoke channel with over 150 songs
  • Add the Sjónvarp Síminn app and enjoy TV services on your smart devices

Landline Services

Your home phone

Síminn offers favourable subscription plans for your home. All to make it easier for you to select the option most suited to your needs. All landline subscription plans allow you to call one number abroad with a 50% discount.