Nominations for the Board of Síminn hf.

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A Nomination Committee has been established for Síminn hf., pursuant to a decision by the Shareholders Meeting on November 28th 2018, as well as there solution shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on March 15th,2018. The Committee represents all Síminn shareholders and its purpose is to nominate candidates for the Company’s Board of Directors.  In doing so,it seeks to ensure that the Directors collectively possess sufficient knowledge and experience to exercise their obligations under the Company‘s Article of Association, the Act on Public Limited Liability Companies no 2/1995, as well as other Acts and regulations that apply to the Company.  There may or may not be a requirement to nominate new Directors in any given year, depending on circumstances, the functioning of the existing Board and the willingness of existing Directors to continue to serve on the Board.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee shall consist of three members.  The majority of the Committee shall be independent of the Company and its day-to-day management. Two Committee members shall be elected by the AGM each year and one member shall be elected by the BoD at the BoD first meeting after it selection at the AGM.

The Committee consists of the following persons:

Jensína Kristín Böðvarsdóttir and Steinunn Kristín Þórðardóttir were elected at Shareholders Meeting on November 28th , 2018 and Kolbeinn was elected by the BoD.

Rules of Procedure of Síminn hf. Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting of Síminn will take place on March 12th , 2020 and in this regard Síminn hf. has issued the following announcement to Nasdaq Iceland.

The Committee is now seeking candidates to Síminn´s Board of Directors. Applications by interest of candidates should be sent to the Committee's e-mail address,,including a brief letter of motivation and CV, before February 17th, 2020.  The establishment of the Nomination committee does not affect the right of possible candidates to submit their candidacy until five days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Declaration of candidacy


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